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Griffin system

GPSat Systems Australia is a unique team of specialist engineers and scientists delivering systems solutions dedicated to the advancement of the 3D navigation, security and spatial technologies.

Griffin System

Unintended and/or malicious RFI Jamming and/or Spoofing (J&S) in the GNSS frequency band is a very real threat to the modern world’s GPS/GNSS dependant societies. When present, these RFI events may cripple regional mission critical GNSS reliant operations, potentially initiating disastrous flow-on consequences to any unsuspecting GNSS signal users. Therefore, any technology that very rapidly detects and accurately geo-locates theses RFI sources as they occur, should be considered essential infrastructure protection for these mission critical GNSS applications.

GRIFFIN an acronym for “Gnss Rf InterFerence FINder, is a family of technology products specifically designed to quickly detect and geo-locate both regional J&S sources within the GNSS frequency bands quickly and easily.

The GRIFFIN family of products are uniquely designed to protect small areas, a few square kilometres such as regional airports, OR, out to many hundreds of square kilometres protection for larger aviation city terminal approach flight paths. GRIFFIN technology delivers pinpoint geo-location accuracies of only a few metres for the smaller coverage areas, while increasing to tens of metres for the very long distances across the larger coverage areas.

With GRIFFIN technology all significant jamming and spoofing threats are quickly detected and accurately geo-located instantly completely protecting mission critical GNSS applications..! Without GRIFFIN, your GNSS systems are vulnerable.