GPS/GNSS Consultancy – UK Based – Global Reach

Heedra is a specialised GPS/GNSS consultancy based in the UK. Heedra can assist GPS/GNSS projects in many ways, with professional services, training, equipment installation and tailored test plans. Heedra distributes and supports specialist GPS/GNSS products in the UK and Europe, including GPS/GNSS testing simulators and record/playback equipment, GPSat systems interference and detection equipment.

GPS/GNSS testing is a complex subject. With many companies offering simulation equipment, that can vary tremendously in price. Heedra can help you to understand the differences in signal quality and modelling capabilities between the various test systems. Heedra can also help to understand the different test requirements, what is necessary for your testing, and which is the best equipment to use for this.

GPSatSystems-Australia have developed the Griffin Interference Detection and Location Equipment, once installed it provides instant alarm and location of interference, or spoofing, events in your vicinity.

With many years experience in the sales and marketing of GPS/GNSS products, Heedra can help companies develop plans for product sales and marketing, they can identify and train global sales channels.

In addition Heedra can help you source specialist GNSS products, such as bespoke antennas and ground based positioning systems.

How can Heedra Help you?

  • Professional Services
    • Training
    • Equipment Installation and Tailored Test Plans
  • Distributor for Specialist GPS/GNSS Products In the UK and Europe
    • GPS/GNSS testing
      • Simulators and Record/Playback Equipment
      • GPS/GNSS Receiver Equipment
      • Signal Analysis Software
    • GPSatSystems-Australia
      • Interference Detection and Location Equipment
  • Support for GPS/GNSS Product Sales and Marketing
    • Links to Global Sales Channels
  • Source for Specialist GNSS Products
    • Bespoke Antennas, Ground Based Positioning